We are delighted to present our training offer, which includes supervised flights and theoretical courses taught by professionals in the field.

Our prices, displayed in CHF, are competitive and vary depending on your needs. For a complete training, including 50 mandatory supervised flights, the cost is approximately 2000.-

However, the price may vary depending on the number of flights required for you to be ready for the practical exam, as well as your needs for equipment rental.

We invite you to discover below our detailed prices for each service we offer.

The details of a complete training can be found here: School


Tandem Discovery Flight: 120.-
Tandem Big Flight: 160.-
Tandem Prestige Flight: 200.-


School Slope

Two days of school slope with an educational tandem: 480.-

Supervised flight

Supervision / Coaching per flight: 30.-

Equipment rental
Full equipment (harness, harness, rescue) per flight: 15.-
Theoretical course

Theoretical Training (2-3h) per branch: 40.-


Depending on take-off site per trip: 10 to 15.-
(5 to 15.- for students)

Rescue Folding
Solo emergency folding: 80.-
Square emergency folding: 80.-
Tandem emergency folding: 90.-
Rogallo emergency folding: 110.-